Getting Started

Two ways to get started at CrossFit Durango

Beginning CrossFit / CrossFit Elements course

New members to CrossFit Durango will complete a 4 week course consisting of 3 classes per week to review the 9 foundation movements of CrossFit, the kettlebell, Olympic lifts, and many other technical aspects of the CrossfIt methodology.  Course fee is $125.   Register here when current.


CrossFit Essentials Training:
New members to CrossFit Durango will be assigned to one trainer and will be scheduled for one-on-one training for their first two visits.  This is our 'CrossFit Essentials Training’ (CET) and it allows beginners the chance to become proficient in the primary/essential elements of CrossFit.  Personal Training rates are reduced to $80 for the two sessions.  CET Training cost may also be split between 1-3 persons.    


call: 970.769.8781